The Unique Life of a Ranger

Ajay has written an abundance of articles ranging from blogs and magazines (BBC Countryfile and BBC Wildlife) to scientific journals (British Birds), writing with authority and infectious enthusiasm. You can read his RSPB blog about the comeback of the crane in England here.


Ajay’s first book ‘The Unique Life of a Ranger – Seasons of Change on Blakeney Point’ (The History Press) is available here

Few people have had the privilege of living on an isolated nature reserve of international importance, their every move judged by countless critics. Young ranger Ajay Tegala, embarking on his placement at Blakeney Point aged just nineteen, would have to stand firm in the face of many challenges to protect the wildlife of one of Britain’s prime nature sites.
In over 120 years, only a select few rangers have devoted their heart and soul to the wildlife of Norfolk’s Blakeney Point. Watching and learning from his predecessors, Ajay faced head-on the challenges of the elements, predators and an ever-interested public. From the excitement of monitoring the growing grey seal population, to the struggles of trying to safeguard nesting birds from a plethora of threats, in The Unique Life of a Ranger, Ajay shares the many emotions of life on the edge of land and sea with honesty and affection.

“An insight into the important work that rangers do to protect our vulnerable wildlife and habitats”

Chris Packham, leading UK naturalist and wildlife TV presenter

 “This intimate and unique window into a small patch of the British coastline is beautiful written”

Megan McCubbin, wildlife TV presenter, conservationist, author

“A charming and vivid window into a dream job for many of us – watching over the wildlife of one of our most important and remote nature reserves.”

Patrick Barkham, natural history writer for The Guardian, author, Norfolk Wildlife Trust President

“In this enchanting, inspiring book, Ajay warmly invites us into a world few of us truly get to know in any real depth. Tegala writes about his life as a ranger, protecting the wildlife of the mysterious Blakeney Point, with humility, sensitivity, and an infectious and evocative sense of wonder.”

Zoë Howe, author, broadcaster, musician, visual artist, Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow

“An authentic, intimate account of the life of one of Britain’s best-loved nature reserves – and the people who care for it.”

James Lowen, Norfolk naturalist, author of Much Ado About Mothing


“Ajay’s metamorphosis into a wise protector or wild things is as fluid as the shifting sands of the Point itself.”

Joe Harkness, author of Bird Therapy

“Blakeney Point is magical. Not only for wildlife, but for lifting your spirits. This book truly captures that magic.”

Richard Porter, ornithologist, former head of species conservation for the RSPB

“A lively account of life through the seasons on one of Britain’s best nature reserves, by a young man with a real passion for the natural world.”

Stephen Moss, BAFTA-winning television producer and one of the UK’s leading nature writers

“I have spent many weeks staying in this magical part of the world and Ajay is able to show us all exactly what makes it just so special – a unique insight.”

Richard Taylor-Jones, wildlife TV presenter, film maker, cameraman and photographer

“It’s a fascinating insight into the world of a Blakeney Point warden, and the highs and lows that come with such a job.”

– BBC Wildlife Magazine

“His job ranged from the daily monitoring of the wildlife and patrols to deter egg theft, to crises which got wider attention including the 2013 tidal surge. There were also mysteries like what was happening to the baby seals washing up dead with strange corkscrew lacerations.”

Eastern Daily Press

Ajay Tegala, Nottingham Trent Unversity